Investment Training and Education

Whether you’re an investor or a financial adviser, we can help you grow your skills and knowledge so you can invest with confidence.

We believe knowledge is one of the best assets, that’s why we provide a range of courses in micro-macroeconomics, options and warrants, futures and commodities trading, currency trading among the few, to suite your level of knowledge and needs for you to achieve your goal. When you open an account with us, you get more than just an access to trading platform; you get access to a world of educational resources from market updates and breaking news and , timely articles, investor seminars and personalised curated trading experience.

Grow your skills and your wealth

Investment market essentials

Gain a deeper understanding of key investment markets, including shares, bonds, property, currencies and derivatives.

Options, warrants and futures trading

Take a deep dive into derivative trading strategies with an expert guide to successful trading, including identifying opportunities, managing risk, and technical tips for executing strategies in your portfolio.

Understanding risk and return

An understanding of the relationship between risk and return is the foundation of successful wealth creation and preservation. We explain how to achieve the right balance in your portfolio.

Upcoming webinars

  • Investment strategies
  • Derivative strategies
  • How to make sense of the market
  • Where to look for information, what to look for
  • Macro events – how they affect the currency and share markets
  • Impact of commodity price changes

Financial Planning Association CPD points available for financial advisers.

Range of CPD courses provided for financial advisers to stay compliant

We offer online CPD program to cover range of financial areas, so you can stay compliant in your chosen area of work. We understand people learn and engage in different ways, that’s why we dedicated team of educational professionals to offer customised CPD program for corporate to suit their culture.

Seminars and Webinars for financial advisers- CPD points provided

Our regular adviser seminars and webinars on investment market themes provides you with fresh ideas and perspectives that give you and your clients an investing edge.

Support to pass the Financial Adviser Examination (FASEA)

We provide comprehensive educational resources to assist financial advisers prepare for the new FASEA exam. The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority requires all financial advisers to pass the exam before I January 2022.

The study guide and the online seminar are designed to educate and reinforce the key knowledge areas covered under the FASEA exam.

Help with exam material

We support your exam preparation by providing practical strategies and case studies that show investment concepts and strategies in action.

Supportive frameworks

Subscribe to our reading material and join us for webinars and interactive, small group discussions on exam content.

What to expect

Through interactive webinars, and Q&A sessions, we give you the hands-on support that you need for your exam preparation

Knowledge and training from the experts

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